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New Client Meeting: 

New clients must register and schedule a New Client Meeting online - you can do this by clicking here.   Please fill out as much information as possible regarding your pets and home.  During the meeting we will provide you with a lock box for your house keys, help you select the code of your choice and place the lock box in your desired location. The cost of the meeting is $35 which includes lock box. Two copies of your house key must be provided at this meeting. We will test both keys to make sure they work properly, then place them in your new lockbox.  

Lock Box Policy:

Notify us if you change the combination while using our services or if you move the lock box to a new location.  If keys are absent or do not work,  we will contact a locksmith to access your home to care for your pets.  Client will be subject to to cost of locksmith and pet sitter's time - average cost is $130.

Time To Pet - Online Scheduling / Pet / Home Information:

Clients schedule and maintain up-to-date information regarding their pets and home via their Time To Pet profile. It is the client's responsibility to ensure information regarding medications, feeding, food allergies, etc. are current in your pet sitter profile. Underwood Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for information that is not current.


Payment for your pet sitting services are due before or at the time of your first scheduled visit.  We accept cash, checks & credit cards. Please make checks payable to Underwood Pet Sitting.

Minimum Visits:

If you are out of town for at least 24 hours dogs require at least two visits per day and cats require at least one visit per day.   

Time Blocks for Visits:

We offer time blocks to perform visits such as Morning, Mid Day, Late Afternoon, and Evening. Barring medical conditions that necessitate a specific visit time,  we will visit your pet within the requested time block. 

Travel Delays:  

Not to worry - our pet sitters continue your same daily pet sitting schedule until you return home.  Clients need to inform the office via e-mail or phone when they have returned home safely. 

Free Roaming Pets:

It is up to the owner to determine whether their pets may roam the house unsupervised.  Underwood Pet Sitting is not responsible for damages to your home or property by your pets. If your pet is destructive in your absence, we suggest you puppy proof or restrict their access to certain areas.

No Pet Left Behind:

As pet care professionals we cannot in good conscience ignore pets when visiting your home. We count each pet in your home when calculating your rate.

No Shared Visits:

No other person is permitted to care for your pets during the service period. (This is due to insurance reasons.)

Late Scheduling:

Scheduling :

Scheduling with less than 48 hour notice will be subject to a $20 late scheduling fee. A significant amount of time goes in to managing staff schedules and communicating updates and changes to our staff.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute requests but may not be able to.  


We have a strict cancellation policy. 

--  50% of the total invoice will be billed if cancelling within 14 days of service start date.

--  100% of the total invoice will be billed if cancelling within 7 days of service start date. 

--  Cancellation of your Peak Season / Holiday reservation is non-refundable, regardless of time frame. Thanksgiving week / Christmas & New Years week / Easter / Labor Day Weekend / Independence Day Weekend / Memorial Day Weekend.

--  If you are a recurring daily dog walking client please contact us no later than 9:00 A.M. the day your mid day visit is scheduled or a 50% cancellation fee may apply.


An additional fee of $10.00 per visit will be applied to a pet sitting visit that falls on a holiday: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Professional Pet Sitter Requests:  

We offer no guarantees that you will have the same pet sitter.  Each of our pet sitters are professionals, undergo ongoing training, and are background checked.

Natural Disasters / Emergencies

It is absolutely necessary that you provide your emergency contact information and that your emergency contact has a key to your home in the event we cannot access your home due to flooding / closed roads / evacuations, etc. In the event of a natural disaster we will do our best to procure your pets and secure your home.  We will send out a mass e-mail to our clients to inform them they need to get in touch with their emergency contacts to make preparations if necessary.

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